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Mobile Web Design

With five billion mobile phones being used in the world, is your website in need of a mobile website design?  These statistics are staggering!  There are 3 times as many phones as personal computers in the world today; and to stay on top, your website needs to be a part of the smart phone revolution.

Mobile Website Design Process

  • The first step is to design and develop a website; Spyderwise Media provides a dynamic team to design and develop a professional website.
  • Once this is accomplished, the basic design, structure and framework can be used to develop a mobile website.
  • Your complete, new mobile website will open the way to increased website visitors and an extremely user-friendly mobile experience.

Is your Website Mobile?

Looking to transform your existing website into a mobile friendly website?  With a 2.4% increase in mobile searches in 2010, the time to develop your mobile website is now.

On the go information is the next big step to website conversions and increased phone calls.  People searching on their phones are looking for instant answers and need the most relevant information given to them in as few steps as possible.  Is your site doing this?  If not, look to Spyderwise Media to begin the process of creating a mobile website for you.

Thoughts to consider while preparing for a new Mobile Web Design:


Your current website is packed full of information and images that a desktop user can search for very quickly.  This is of course unless you are already coming from a very minimalist style of website.  You will need to consider eliminating many of these graphic elements to effectively optimize your mobile website for use on a mobile device.


Decide which core navigation or menu items you want to keep.  More than likely if you have a site with top navigation, side navigation and footer navigation, you will need to drastically trim these items.  However, if you only have 5-7 items that are essential to your business, this process might be an easier step.


You may need to reduce the amount of design variations and use of colors for the mobile site.  Branding is a must, but must be fine tuned when it comes to mobile web design.  The site design must maintain the recognized brand and still offer the simplicity of a mobile website.


As most people that have gone through an SEO or Internet Marketing Campaign will tell you, “Content is King”.  While this may be true, you will not have the flexibility of writing to your hearts content when it comes to mobile web development.  This follows along the lines of “Simplify”.  Make your message straight to the point since your user may be looking for a straight answer when it comes to mobile web searches.

Regular or Unleaded (Mobile or Standard site)?

This is the option you need to give your mobile website visitors when they land on your site.  Many people will stay and continue to browse through your mobile website, however, not all mobile website visitors want to be limited with the options of your mobile website.  You will need to give them the option to navigate to the original or standard website if they choose.  This may eliminate a possible “Bounce” when they can’t find what they are looking for.