Mobile Advertising

With 10 billion mobile phones purchased since 1994, if you haven’t already, your company needs to begin the process of advertising and marketing to these mobile users.  There are many ways to reach out to these cell phone users.  Ask yourself these following questions:

  • Do I have a mobile website to advertise to clients?
  • Do I have a website at all?
  • Am I engaged in a Text Messaging Marketing Campaign?
  • Am I sending out advertising coupons via text of SMS to my customers?
  • Am I surveying my existing customers via Text Message Marketing to see their needs?
  • Is my website engaging enough to bring the mobile phone users back?

Mobile Phone Marketing will provide your clients access to:

  • Time sensitive Mobile Advertising campaigns
  • Location based Mobile Phone Marketing campaigns
  • Pesonalized Mobile Advertising campaigns to increase conversions
  • Immediate updates regarding new product launches, services, coupons, etc.
  • Immediate access to website based advertising and marketing

Here’s a Mobile Advertising Scenario:

You run an auto dealership and have shoppers frequently visit the lot without engaging a salesman.  Or they are shopping on days that the lot is closed.  How do you reach out to these visitors?


On the sticker (Where all people look), have a text option to view more details about the car they are looking at.  This can be done by texting in the stock number to a given shortcode.  They will receive a message back on their cell phone with general information not located on the sticker, and a link to your new mobile friendly website with more comprehensive information that they would not have received otherwise.  You then have a phone number to potentially market to in the future or for follow-ups.  They will also have the option to receive further messages from you in the future if they choose without having the pressure of a live salesman.  Our Mobile Advertising platform allows us to tie into multiple stock inventory systems, whether auto based or otherwise.