Social Media Marketing – SMM

Social Media Interaction

If you’ve ever used Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or YouTube, you’ve participated in the vast field of social media sites. A social media site is a website that exists for the purpose of interaction and communication between people and businesses, advertising, business promotion, and forum-type discussions.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Social media sites are a vital part of increasing your company’s brand awareness on the internet; without participation in these social sites, your website may be virtually invisible on the web. The utilization and maintenance of social sites is critical in maintaining a vibrant online presence.

Think about it!

How many people do you know use Facebook? Or Twitter? By establishing and registering your company on social media sites, you increase your online audience, thus increasing potential conversions to your site.


At SpyderWise Media, we employ the following techniques when creating an online presence via social media marketing:

  • Social Site Creation

We create, establish, and maintain optimized social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

  • Updates

Regular social media site updates, contests, info-graphics, and interactive applications to increase consumer time spent on the site, and therefore with product.

  • Blog Posts

This includes regular, industry-related blog posts with the purpose of education, entertainment, and consumer feedback.

  • Online reputation management

This involves the regulation of social sites and addressing of customer complaints. Through daily monitoring and responsive customer interaction, social media sites have the ability to promote your company in a positive, optimistic light.

  • Customer Conversation

Facilitation of customer conversation via constant site interaction, contests, and customer input forums that allow customers to facilitate ideas, complaints, praises, and suggestions.

  • Data Collection

This involves collection of demographics and consumer data. This is appropriated through on-site interactions, forums, and blog post feedback.

  • Images and Videos

Regular image and video updates are made for the purpose of entertainment and education of the consumer. Via videos and pictures, a consumer can spend more time with your product, thus increasing conversions.