Utah Based PPC – Pay Per Click at its best!

More than likely, you’ve encountered a pay-per-click ad at least once while surfing the internet. A pay-per-click advertisement is an advertisement that appears at the top of a search engine results page, and that links directly back to your website. For every internet searcher who clicks on your ad (thus taking them to your website), you are charged.

Our PPC Services

Pay-per-click advertising is an effective, proven technique that generates more traffic to your website, thus increasing potential conversions. There are numerous things that go into the creation of a successful pay-per-click campaign. A few of the services that SpyderWise Media performs during a PPC campaign are as follows:

  • Research of the most effective placement, time, price, and position of online advertisements for optimal conversion results.
  • Selection of a targeted, extensively researched set of keywords to drive relevant traffic to your site. -Research of your target audience’s buying and habits
  • Research and compliance to recent search engine changes, and application of these changes to your PPC campaign.
  • Analysis for overall effectiveness of chosen keywords, ad placement, and ad price.
  • Review of potential value for one click from the advertisement’s targeted audience.
  • Management of pay per click budget.
  • Creation of sophisticated and persuasive ad content to increase the rate of on-site conversions

Top Search Engine Placement

Through a structured PPC campaign with Spyderwise Media, your website can achieve top placement for a competitively priced, industry-related keyword or set of keywords. Spyderwise Media has substantial experience with launching and managing successful PPC campaigns. You can expect the following from one of our campaigns:

  • Active campaign management
  • PPC account optimization
  • Landing page optimization

Increase your online leads today – get started on your PPC campaign with Spyderwise Media.