Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Because the internet is accessible to anyone with a working connection, it’s inevitable that business reputation issues will arise, despite how hard your company works to maintain a positive reputation. Every website on the internet is at risk for a number of online reputation management issues, whether it’s copyright infringement violations or simply just nasty reviews.

At SpyderWise Media, we want your company not only to start out with a positive, trustworthy reputation, but to maintain it in the eyes of the media. However, it can take numerous efforts to truly resolve an issue.

Online reputation management is like treating an illness

It takes several treatments to completely restore a damaged reputation. So, depending on your company, several different approaches may be needed to sort out online reputation management issues. We are incredibly flexible

in the services we offer, and tailor each of our approaches to uniquely fit your business.

Some of our ORM services include:

  • Monitoring SERP (search engine result pages) for copyright infringement, negative reviews, and duplicate content sites.
  • Multiple social networks monitoring for harmful/destructive feedback, comments, and detrimental posts.
  • Investigation into user review sites; absolving of customer complaints, errors, and problems.
  • Monitoring and positive submissions to article submission networks, with the goal of creating and circulating positive web content
  • Monitoring of social news, and resolving of negative issues henceforth.
  • Independent discussion forum monitoring and regulation, with the goal of satisfying dissatisfied customers, addressing unforeseen problems, and creating friendly customer feedback.
  • Management, review, and upkeep of blogs; both onsite and offsite.
  • Active involvement in blogging communities as to increase positive brand awareness.

Online Reputation Managament is an investment

The effectiveness of online reputation management is extremely beneficial and valuable to your company in the long run. Here are just some of the benefits of engaging in online reputation management:

  • Competitor insight, and customer perception of rival company products.
  • Reduction of money spent on traditional marketing by understanding how to connect with customers more effectively and cheaper.
  • Pinpointing of potential, profitable niche markets through product reviews and customer feedback.
  • Effective keyword research and insight into what keywords, phrases, and terms are generating more global monthly searches. This improves organic (natural) search results for the company’s products, services, and employees.