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Balance is Key

A robust Local Search Optimization campaign sets the groundwork for a well-built future SEO campaign; therefore, it’s extremely important that this initial LSO groundwork is well-laid out. As a local, Utah-based SEO company, SpyderWise Media knows how to build a solid local search optimization campaign.

What We Do

As part of Local Search Optimization efforts, Spyderwise Media offers the following services:

  • Upkeep and Maintenance of Directory Listings

This can be done through a local phone company’s database. Nationwide databases keep their information in aggregators, or huge “collection” bases. By maintaining current, authorized information on these databases, your company will establish a legitimate, local presence in the eyes of search engines.

  • Local Listings

LSO efforts include maintenance of yellow page listings, vertical directories, and top local search engines.

  • Enhancement of Local Business Profiles

This includes providing as much detail as possible, including videos, products, URL, and hours of operation. Periodic intervening and upkeep is needed to maintain the SEO value of these business profiles.

  • Technical SEO Factors

This includes clean, specific text in headings (H1, H2, etc), page body content, image alt attributes, title tags, etc. Meta description tags should also include relevant, geo-specific keywords to attract potential converters.

  • Online Reputation Management – ORM

This includes addressing online complaints and negative reviews, as well as encouragement of positive customer reviews. Google sees positive reviews as a reflection of a veritable company, and therefore places more emphasis on a company with high amounts of positive customer reviews.

  • Local Establishment

Connection and establishment with local business community websites, and periodic press releases that direct readers back to your company’s website.

  • Inbound Links

This entails the creation of quality inbound links, from both national and local websites. Quality (versus quantity) of veritable inbound links makes your website more attractive to Google, thus ranking you higher for both local and national searches.