International SEO & Global SEO

Don’t be Intimidated

At Spyderwise Media, we know that trying to rank nationally as well as internationally can be intimidating. But don’t let the sheer force of International SEO throw you off. If it’s well done, Global SEO or international SEO can yield the same ranking and traffic as a local or national term.

The Right Tactics

When engaging in an international SEO campaign, without the right tactics, you may do more harm to your company than good! It is critical, therefore, to have a knowledgeable team of International SEO specialists do the footwork for you.


Thoughts to consider when beginning an International SEO Campaign:

  • Do you have an International TLD or Top Level Domain for other countries?

This includes the purchase and launch of a website using International TLD’s or Top Level Domains such as .de (Germany), .ca (Canada) or .fr (France).  Search engines give heavy weight in search engine placement when a given site utilizes the local Top Level Domain.

  • Localized Language:  Is your website translated using the local language and terminology?

Your target audience in the country you are seeking online business will better respond to your website if the copywriting is written using their local language, terms, and terminology.  Search engines also place high value on a website that has also utilized localized terminology.The blending of targeted keywords along with a local language will increase your potential ranking and conversion in each country you seek online business. SpyderWise Media can begin your international SEO campaign for the country and keyword combinations you seek.

  • International Hosting:  Where is your international site hosted?

Hosting a website in the country you are seeking an increase in online business is extremely important.  We will assist your company in the process of setting up international hosting.

  • Do you have International Inbound Links?

Obtainment of inbound links from veritable international domains. With links from .co, .uk, .fr, etc, Google recognizes your site on non-U.S.A. editions of Google. The majority of this is done through article creation, which links articles from international forums, communities, and blogs back to your site, thus creating veritable inbound links.

  • Have you researched international keywords and phrases

Spyderwise Media uses keyword research tools that take into account international keyword search volume, not just United States keyword search volume. We Generate solid, veritable inbound links through article writing and submission, info-graphics, and off-site link building.

High-Volume Campaigns

Large scale rankings for high-volume terms may take a bit of time; however, they are not altogetherunachievable. At Spyderwise Media, we know how to run high-volume, large capacity campaigns – and we know how to run them correctly.

Keyword Optimization Campaigns

By utilizing long tail and short tail strategies, Spyderwise media can drive a solid, phased keyword campaign that focuses on building authority for specific terms with Google. Once authority is established, Google and other Search Engines begin to view your website as being more “powerful” in that particular field, and thus ranks you higher.