Call Tracking

Score Your Calls

So you’ve got your advertising dollars spend, now don’t you want to see which of your marketing materials is most effective? With SpyderTrack it’s easy! Our phone call tracking service allows you to see which of your advertising campaigns are working best for your business through reported data and detailed graphs. We also offer call scoring, which allows you to keep track of the quality coming from the service representatives that are handling your new customers. Call scoring records each phone call so you can review it later, ensuring that you can observe you’re the performance of your employees.

SpyderTrack’s call tracking allows you to:

  • Keep your employees accountable
  • Track and rate the professionalism of your employees
  • Provide useful feedback to your employees regarding their customer service practices
  • Change the criteria for call scoring to fit the needs of your business
  • See your employees initiative and improvement
  • Track how efficiently your employees meet the needs of your customers

Score IQ works for you

Do you need a tool to track the performance levels of your employees and the satisfaction of your customers? SpyderTrack makes it simple by allowing you to make scoring forms that are customized to your employee standards in mere minutes! Through our Score IQ program, calls are recorded for you to playback, allowing you to track and rate the quality of your employees conversations with customers. Calls can be scored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through your Call IQ account.

Unable to score your own calls?

A SpyderTrack representative can help you set up Score IQ with one of our amazing customer service coaches.

How detailed is SpyderTrack’s call scoring?

Score IQ is an easy, organized way to track the performance of your employees. Not only will you be able to see areas that need improvement, but you will also have the data to reward strong work ethic amongst your employees based on their success with your customers. The scoring data that is provided by Score IQ is some of the most advanced around. You will have detailed information on where your business is excelling and where it could use a boost.

How can Score IQ work for you?

Good customer service is incredibly important when it comes to gaining and retaining customers. If the sales representative who handles the call isn’t friendly or helpful, the customer on the end of that line is likely to be lost forever. SpyderTrack’s call scoring allows your business to determine whether or not your employees need additional customer service training in order to maximize customer retention. Not only will this benefit you, it will also benefit your customer service representatives. It can greatly benefit employees to be able to listen to themselves. They may be the best at identifying and improving upon their own weaknesses. Call scoring from SpyderTrack can give your business the tools to train employees successfully.