Call Tracking

How Does Phone Call Tracking Work?

Phone call tracking analyzes the effectiveness of various media employed during an advertising campaign. For example, your marketing team may have decided to use direct mail postcards, billboards, and eBlasts to provide awareness to your customer base. It is important to have a metric in place that tracks the response you receive from each of these various communication methods. The way to do that is through call tracking:

  1. Set up distinct phone numbers for each of the various forms of media. For example, the direct mail postcard would have one phone number, the billboards would have their own unique phone number, and the eBlast would also be assigned a distinct phone number.
  2. On each of the forms of communication, incorporate a compelling and prominent call to action asking the viewer to respond by calling the phone number.
  3. These calls would be routed transparently through SpyderTrack’s call tracking data center, recording which of the distinct numbers was called, and accumulating the data.
  4. SpyderTrack then forwards the calls to your office, home, or cell so that you may respond as usual. Additionally, it is possible to play a custom greeting that forwards the call based on zip code, area code, etc.; and you have the option to listen in on the calls if you so desire.
  5. You can log in to the custom call tracking reports on at any time, or can arrange to receive automatic email notifications.

Some of the reports offered by SpyderTrack include:

  • Source comparison
  • Unique callers vs. repeat callers
  • Answered calls vs. missed calls
  • Cost per call analysis

This information allows you to identify which forms of customer outreach are generating a response, and which are not. The amount of money, time, and resources our phone call tracking can save is immeasurable.