Call Tracking

Spydertrack’s Call Tracking Includes Call Recording!

More than just Call Tracking, SpyderTrack provides the added benefit of call recording. There is no better way to gauge market response than to tune in directly to customer feedback. With SpyderTrack Smart Recording you can do just that, and ensure a rapid response to customer feedback. Some of the many benefits of Smart Recording include:

  • Listen to and learn from customer response
  • Monitor employee conversations
  • Utilize recordings for internal training opportunities
  • Adapt promptly to market demands
  • Track leads for future growth

How does Smart Recording Work?

When you participate in SpyderTrack phone call tracking, each incoming response to your marketing campaign is funneled through the call tracking data center. Once received, Smart Recording captures these incoming calls, saving them in your SpyderTrack account. By simply logging in to your SpyderTrack account you can instantly listen to these recorded conversations. Use them for lead generation, corporate training, or to adjust your marketing campaign. The ability to save and analyze these business-to-consumer interactions is vital to the successful growth of your company.

What information will I get from Smart Recording?

By employing Smart Recording as part of your SpyderTrack call tracking system, you will be privy to invaluable information about you customers, your employees, and your overall marketing strategy. As Smart Recording is part of your greater call tracking strategy, you can cross reference feedback with geographical locations, and use this information to make strategic decisions. Furthermore, monitoring customer response and employee-customer conversations provides a wealth of information about which techniques are creating conversions, and which are less successful. Smart Recording is one more facet to a successful call tracking system that allows your company to streamline processes and grow efficiently.

How can Smart Recording enhance my business?

Smart Recording is an excellent management tool. Use it to make strategic decisions, seize training opportunities, and refine employee-customer protocols. This can increase your conversion ratio, streamline business processes, and narrow your marketing strategy to one that is targeted and effective.