Call Tracking

Call Greetings

SpyderTrack gives you the ability to create custom Call Greetings. This allows you to create a custom greeting for each individual call tracking number. There is no special recording equipment needed, and it takes just seconds to set it up.

Ways to use custom Call Greetings:

  • Professional look – Custom Greetings give your company a professional aura, even when forwarding to your cell phone.
  • Repeat Customers – SpyderTrack allows you to create promotions and announcements for returning customers
  • Target campaigns – Create a special announcement for targeted demographics

Step-by-Step Setup

  1. Login to SpyderTrack
  2. Enter your cell or work phone number
  3. Our recording system calls the number
  4. Record your Custom Greeting
  5. Confirm the recording and save

Wasn’t that easy?