Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Our Call tracking software helps you strategically spend your advertising dollars where they matters most. When you run a comprehensive marketing campaign, how do you measure its success? Increased call volume and increased revenue numbers are one way, but how do you know which phase of your marketing campaign generated this boost in conversion? Did it come from billboard sites, direct mail flyers, or eBlasts? SpyderTrack’s call tracking system uses modern technology and distinct toll free phone numbers to identify which of your media venues is creating this boost in activity.

call tracking

How call tracking works:

  • Unique phone numbers are assigned to each distinct marketing material employed for your campaign
  • Each piece of marketing collateral ends with a strong call to action telling customers to respond by calling the unique 800 number
  • SypderTrack’s call tracking system routes each call through a database before forwarding it to your office, cell, or mobile phone
  • As the call is routed through the data base, the unique number dialed is captured, allowing you to run reports that specify which forms of media generated the greatest response

How it Works

Maximize your marketing

Call tracking allows you to experiment with different forms of media; and various calls to action, copy structures, and typefaces, and provides measureable results on these experiments. Moreover, you can obtain demographic information based on area code or zip code to determine which campaigns work in nationally and regionally. This information allows you to funnel greater portions of your budget to the areas generating response, and eliminate areas that are not.

Every call tracking report provides you with the following information for each call received:

  • Date & Time
  • Phone number called
  • Caller details
  • Call duration
  • Hang-ups
  • Repeat calls
  • Geo-location
  • Missed calls
  • Recordings

Why choose SpyderTrack?

We stand alone in our ability to provide comprehensive call tracking software and services at competitive prices. Our service is easy to use and offers:

  • Largest local number footprint
  • Online number ordering
  • Highly scalable and secure network Caller ID
  • Site proxy technology
  • Dynamic number replacement
  • Call recording
  • Superior call quality
  • Call routing
  • Form to phone
  • Click to call
  • Voice XML

Additionally, our service allows you to track and monitor calls in real time. This instantaneous feedback allows you to respond to market demands promptly, adjusting your campaign in time to take advantage of this new information. Get started today!

Call SpyderTrack at 801-990-1980 to start call tracking on your next advertising campaign.